Cycling in Richmond Park

So where did all the mountains go?  This deer looks like it’s wandering around on distinctly flat, very British looking woodland…..

And that’s where it was. So whilst our normal view of deer is far off in the distance, across miles of Spanish…


Montejaque's annual Battle of the Bridge

The year is 1810. The village folk are going about their daily business, farmers take their produce from field to market, the smithy prepares to shoe a horse and women shop for groceries in the village square. 


Getting Settled in Ronda

It was bound to be daunting to put pen to paper (or mouse to mat) for the first time so I thought I'd start with a little local interest stuff.  Now I don't claim to be (or want to be) a travel writer / agent / bore but it feels relevant for this blog to…


Welcome to our new Blog

Hi from Heather and Wayne at Hike and Bike the Sierras.

We recently settled in Ronda in Andalucia, southern Spain to set up our new mountain biking and hiking business. 

We first visited Ronda in 2012 and fell in love with the…