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Here is a great short guide to Ronda's 12 must-see things by John Kramer at

Whilst we'd recommend simply wandering through the town's old streets as a pleasure in itself, if you have limited time or just want to catch the most famous sights, this is a good place to start.

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The 12 things you must see when visiting Ronda

Ronda Sights: e-bike and walking tour

When we visit a new town or city, the first thing we do is a guided bike tour. It's a great way to get a sense of the lay of the land and where the key sights are located, together with being a chance to find out things that only a local knows. A bike tour gives us a perspective on the town as a whole and a feel for its character and atmosphere, which we can't get from reading a guidebook. As we ride past the most famous sights and the lesser-known favourite spots of a guide, it helps us build a list of the places we want to go back to and where we want to spend more time. 

Ronda is much smaller than the main Spanish towns in which we have done bike tours - Barcelona, Seville, Granada and Malaga - but its proximity to the countryside makes it unique and very special. That's why we came up with our Ronda Sights Tour, which begins with an easy e-bike tour through the countryside around the town and then returns to the centre for a historical walking tour. A local bike guide leads the cycling tour and a Ronda town guide leads the walking tour. We pass by all the town sights listed in John Kramer's article and also learn about the interesting relationship between the town, its inhabitants and the landscape around them.  

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Heather Cooper, Hike + Bike the Sierras     

First published May 2016, updated 20/10/2019