Electric Bike Day Tours

Leisure e-biking and e-MTB Rides

Electric bikes have been a fantastic addition to the world of cycling and mountain biking. E-bikes allow everyone to enjoy cycling more often and over longer distances. Strong riders can improve their technical mtb skills, tackling rocky and uneven ground, roots and ruts and and technical trails. Less frequent riders, who might shy away from hill climbing or be anxious about coping with long distances, no longer need to worry.  In other words, e-bikes are fun for the young and the old, for those that feel fit and also for those who are feeling a little out of shape. However you class yourself, we have an e-bike ride to suit you.

Leisure Riders

Electric Bike day tours - self guided easy route options using quiet roads and unsurfaced tracks, suitable for everyone.

Our e-bikes can also be used for any of our multi-day cycling holidays - Self Guided Cycling Tours.

Mountain Bikers

Guided e-MTB Rides, graded accorded to fitness/effort level and technical mtb skills requirement. N.B. Some of these routes explore the mountains behind the Costa del Sol, perfect for guests staying on the coast near Marbella, Puerto Banus, San Pedro and Estepona. 

CUBE Reaction Hybrid Pros - Specification

Our e-bikes are the adaptable hardtail CUBE Reaction Hybrid Pros. They are built around the superbly efficient Bosch CX drive system. The electric motor has 4 power settings, from Eco to Turbo, powered by a 500 watt battery. In simple terms, this means that you have the power to cope with every situation for longer distances. For the technically minded, our e-bikes have accurate-steering, Suntour suspension forks and light, grippy 2.6 inch Schwalbe tyres. They have a Shimano 10 speed transmission with a new wide-range 11-42T cassette and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. From the first pedal stroke to the last, our e-bikes will help you on your way.

Included in our prices:
  • Self Guided - Route maps & Garmin cycling GPS with preloaded route
  • Guided - "British Cycling" qualified guide & transport assistance
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid e-bike
  • Helmet & water bottle
  • Transport to and from start and finish of rides where necessary
  • Meeting points are arranged according to accommodation locations
Will I be fit enough?

Our e-bike routes are designed for leisure cyclists right through to experienced XC mountain bikers. There are hills and mountains throughout the region which need to be tackled but we keep distances manageable and within the range capabilities of our e-bikes, particularly on routes  where less experienced riders will require more assistance from the e-bike. To ride our challenging routes you will require a good level of fitness on the bike.

Just remember that in summer, higher temperatures can make cycling seem harder so taking this into consideration is strongly advised when choosing a route.

What to Bring?

  • We supply bikes, helmets and water bottles. 
  • Footwear - Trainers or firm soled shoes. No open toed sandals or flip flops. 
  • Clothing - Loose, comfortable clothing or sportswear. Thin layers are better than 1 thick top as they are easier to remove during the ride if you get warm. Padded cycling shorts and cycling gloves will help to make your ride more comfortable but are not necessary. A thin windproof jacket is advisable on rides which go higher into the mountains or include long downhil sections (see individual ride details).
  • Rucksacks - Optional, to carry spare clothes, suncream etc. Essential for longer rides in the summer when you will need to bring extra water. No bags allowed hanging from the handle bars.
  • Snacks - Refreshment stops usually scheduled for the end of your ride and also midway for longer rides. Bring your own if you will need something else to keep you going (particularly famillies with children as they tend to need re-fuelling mid-ride!)
  • Other - sunglasses, suncream!

For winter riding

  • extra body layers with long sleeves (thin thermal tops are great)
  • leggings or cycling tights
  • light waterproof/windproof jacket 
  • neck scarf / snood (great as sweat bands in the summer and for warmth in the winter)