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Andalucian Road Cycling Tours, Spain

Our self-guided road cycling tours are a great way to explore the miles of superb mountain roads which twist and turn through the unspoiled countryside of western Andalucia. Along the way, you will visit pretty, white Andalucian villages and enjoy Spain's renowned warmth and hospitality.

Andalucia, in southern Spain, offers fantastic road cycling on miles of quiet rural and mountain roads. Our self-guided Road Cycling Tours range from moderate to challenging, with average daily distances from 42km to 70km and more than 1000m of ascent every day. The ascents can be long and tough in parts but you are always rewarded with spectacular descents, which twist and turn through stunning mountain scenery. 

Booking your Road Cycling Tour

We operate a completely flexible booking calendar for our road cycling tours. Pick the best dates to suit you - start on any day of the week - and we will schedule your tour accordingly. If you wish to add rest days along the route, just let us know at the time of your enquiry.

Wondering if a Self Guided Road Cycling Tour is suitable for You?

  • Will I be fit enough?

    Will I be fit enough? – this area is mountainous, so each day will include some significant ascents. You need to be used to hill climbing and, particularly if you choose the toughest routes, be prepared for long days in the saddle. But dont forget that you will be riding through stunning scenery, so just take plenty of breaks and enjoy the views along the way.

    Or consider using one of our e-bikes (small supplement applies). Pedal-assist e-bikes give battery powered assistance at each pedal stroke: they help you on the climbs but dont do all the work, so you will still get a bit of a work out. Perfect for couples with different cycling fitness - one of you can use a carbon road bike and the other can take an e-bike.

  • Navigation

    Navigation – we supply a simple Garmin GPS, preloaded with your daily road cycling tour routes. We also provide a large-scale, annotated map, giving you a perspective of where you are at all times.

  • Luggage

    Luggage – we transfer your main luggage each day, so you can tavel light. Just take a few items on your daily ride – plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen. Road bikes are fited with 2 bottle cages; e-bikes have 1 bottle cage and can be fitted with an 8 litre capacity rear trunkbag.

  • Roads and Routes

    Roads and Routes – daily distances and difficulty vary according to the tour you select. Our road cycling tour routes use quiet, scenic roads for the majority of the riding. Drivers in this area are very courteous to cyclists, so even when you do meet vehicles, they will be respectful of safe distances and speeds, so you can still feel the freedom and joy of being out on the road. 



Click on the thumbnails below to read our Road Cycling Tour Fact Sheets:

Andalucian Hilltop Towns
Moderate Road Cycling Tour

4 days riding A moderate level road cycling tour through the scenic countryside of the Serrania de Ronda and beyond. Visit the most memorable hilltop villages of the region. 

Average daily distance 42km

Average daily ascent 1067m

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Frontiers of Al-Andalus
Moderate/Challenging Road Tour

6 days riding A moderate to challenging road cycling tour which makes a stunning 350km circuit from Ronda via historic frontier towns of Moorish Al-Andalus.

Average daily distance 58km

Average daily ascent 1272m

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King of the Hills
Challenging Road Cycling Tour

5 days riding A challenging road cycling tour through diverse hilly terrain and the Grazalema mountains of western Andalucia. Long ascents and descents each day.  

Average daily distance 70km

Average daily ascent 1626m

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