Walking Grading & Walker Requirements

Choosing the right holiday / day trip for you

Hike + Bike’s base in Ronda is surrounded by some of the best walking countryside and conditions in Europe. The natural parks of Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves, located on each side of the town itself, provide a huge variety of walks and some strenuous hiking options too.

We have a wide range of walks so you can:

  • Request an individual, tailormade holiday / day trip at a level to suit you/your group’s fitness and experience
  • Join a group holiday / day trip with pre-set, graded itineraries

Take a look at our grading levels to help you to understand what to expect from the region and to select the right trip for you. N.B. The trails in this area are all natural and ungroomed. This means that they can suffer some weather and usage erosion. None of our routes include anything dangerous or requiring climbing equipment but expect stony, rocky and gravelly sections on all hikes. If you would like to chat to us about the different grades or walking in this area, please contact us

hiking grade 1

Level 1 - Easy

Scenic and enjoyable routes which use wide paths and tracks but do not challenge the walker with lots of uneven ground or steep drops to the side. Include undulating terrain but minimal uphill. If you can walk comfortably for a few hours, then you are fit enough to do these walks. There is plenty to see along the way and they are great for all the family. Daily distance: 10 -12 kilometres. Duration 2-4 hours.



hiking grade 2

Level 2 - Moderate

Routes which follow paths and tracks which criss-cross the Andalucian countryside and were often the only way to travel between villages in the days before roads and cars. Include long stretches of open countryside and mountain passes but also occasional narrow paths and some short steep sections (both up and down-hill), sometimes with drops at the side. Paths can be eroded, with gravelly and stony sections. These walks are aimed at regular walkers who are generally fit and enjoy long walks. Daily distance: 13 – 25 kilometres. Duration 3-5 hours



hiking grade 3

Level 3 - Challenging

Challenging mountain routes which include long, steady climbs up narrow pathways, steep descents and maybe a little rocky scrambling – but it’s not rock-climbing by any means. The surface is frequently rough and loose and you may need to watch out for steep drops to the side. These routes are aimed at fit and regular walkers who enjoy gaining altitude and are happy to keep up a reasonable pace over tricky terrain. Daily distance: 15 – 25 kilometres. Duration 4-7 hours

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