Self Guided Cycling Tours in Spain

Andalucian White Village Cycle Tours, southern Spain

Our self guided cycling tours are a fantastic way to explore the unspoilt countryside and chartacterful white villages (pueblos blancos) of Andalucia. They are designed for leisure cyclists, rather than the long-distance tourer and will maximise your experience of rural Spain.

Any concerns you may have about a cycling tour holiday are covered:

  • Hills – this area is mountainous, so each day will include some hill climbs but they are pefectly do-able for any reasonably fit leisure cyclist - take your time and be sure to take plenty of breaks to enjoy the views on the way. Or use one of our e-bikes to take the strain. Pedal-assist e-bikes give battery powered assistance at each pedal stroke to help you on the climbs but still give you a bit of a work out. Perfect for couples with different cycling fitness - one of you can use our usual bikes and the other can take an e-bike (e-bike tour pricing on request).
  • Navigation – we supply a simple Garmin GPS with your daily cycling tour routes pre-loaded. We also provide a large-scale, annotated map, giving you a perspective of where you are at all times.
  • Luggage – no need for panniers or trying to pack light and leaving important items behind. We transfer your main luggage for you so you just need to take a few items for each day – water, snacks, sunscreen – for which we provide an 8 litre capacity rear seat post trunkbag.
  • Roads and Routes – our cycling tour routes take you on a scenic journey using mainly quiet country roads and some off-road tracks, meaning very little cycling on main roads. Daily distances are kept manageable so you will never be in the saddle for too many hours and will have time after your cycling is finished to relax and enjoy each overnight location.

Cycling tour holiday dates are very flexible – just tell us when you wish to travel and we will organise your trip accordingly.

Click on the thumbnails below to read our Cycling Tour Fact Sheets or click here for our Luxury Spa Wellness Cycling and Walking Tour Fact Sheet

For more serious "roadies", check out our Sportive tours in the bottom row of the thumbnails, with significantly longer distances and plenty of hills to test your cycling strength and skills.